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This application is simultaneously a timer and sound level meter. The application measures the approximate average volume in a selectable period of time.

It’s available for iPhone and iPad (> iOS 13)

The App is not a replacement for a sound level meter or timer/stopwatch. It is just a means of measuring (level roughly corresponds to the volume in dB) the noise level and motivating students to be quieter.

The measurement may be affected depending on the device used,  the protective case used, or the orientation of the microphone.

A level of about 55 is an average value. A value below 50 is quiet and over 60 is noisy. This can be subjectively different, and is best determined by trying with the level setting.


This application only measures when it is running in the foreground! It is recommended to turn off notifications or enable flight mode when projecting the image.

When you start the app for the first time , the application asks for microphone access. This is necessary for the function of noise measurement. If you have denied access, you can reactivate it in the system settings. There you can also switch the language between German and English.

Dialog on first start
Dialog on first start only
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